Bare Bakery believes in a new way of baking.

We love catering to people with dietary restrictions! All our goods are free from dairy and gluten, but most of them are also grain-free and refined sugar-free. We exist to fill the void of gluten-free and dairy-free food options so that people with dietary needs can feel included in the happiest times of life! We hope that one day there won’t be a stigma around asking for “specialty” foods, because these foods will just be a thing of the norm. So we are proud to be a part of the movement that allows everyone, no matter the restrictions, to celebrate their birthday with CAKE.

Visit us every weekend at the Memorial Villages Farmers Market! Or, click on “Cakes + More” to order and schedule a pickup from our bakery. We are located inside Snap Kitchen at the intersection of Richmond and Kirby in Houston, Texas, but we are not permitted to sell retail items out of the space, so a pre-order pickup appointment is required. We do not offer shipping. 

We are confident you’ll be impressed with deliciousness! Check out our Calendar page to see where you can find us!

Hi, I’m Kelly!

I’m the owner and founder of Bare Bakery. I grew up allergic to dairy and having to scrape all the cheese off my pizza at pizza parties. Did they have a dairy-free ice cream option for dessert? I’m sure you can guess. In 2013, I started to wean myself off of gluten and refined sugar and opt for water instead of Dr. Pepper (for some strange reason it was giving me stomach aches).

When it came to meals, it was obvious I should skip the pasta and go for the veggies. But when it came to dessert, I found that short of making things myself, there weren’t really any options to meet my, now strict, dietary guidelines. There was a new world of trendy gluten-free labels, but the ingredients lists were still filled with refined sugar and things I couldn’t pronounce. Enter my new love of gluten-free / dairy-free / naturally sweetened baking, my eagerness to share it with everyone, and that’s how Bare Bakery was born.

Bare Bakery has evolved over the last seven years from a 40 square foot kitchen in my apartment to a thriving small business with two full-time and four part-time employees… but it will always be my baby (cue Mariah). It sure is fulfilling to be able to serve people that are genuinely excited and thankful that Bare Bakery exists. So, thank you for being here and being part of this growing community.