Review: Cottonwood’s Patio for Some Saturday Day-Drinkin

Feb 24, 2015 | Restaurant review

3422 North Shepherd Drive
Houston, TX 77018

Cheers to Britney for choosing an awesome spot for her 30th. And I assure you it was not due to my day-drinking that I’m in love with this place. It might be because I’m in love with patios, especially ones with string cafe lights. Or deviled eggs. Or, no, fire pits.

Cottonwood HoustonDepending on the traffic and Uber surging, this place may be too far out of your hood, or just right! My outer-loop treks are normally west-bound either to the land of sugar or the centre of the city. I need to explore this north side they call the GOOP (Garden Oaks/Oak Forest). Because little did I know, this gem has been hoppin’ since 2012.

Cottonwood HoustonPros:

  • spacious covered and uncovered patios
  • fire pits
  • knowledgeable bartenders
  • dog-friendly
  • live music (check the schedule)
  • attractive lighting, inside and out
  • lots of fresh and gluten free options for food
  • late night menu available until 1 a.m.
  • huge parking lot


  • lots of tempting fried food (like boudain balls and chicken fried steak bites)
  • don’t miss your turn — there’s only one entrance
  • building covers up the sunset
  • one small part of the patio is bar-service only (no servers)

Cottonwood Houston - Salmon Deviled Eggs

My bun-less burger was juicy and my kale salad was fresh and… ok, I had the french fries. But I did try the kale salad, and it was perfectly dressed. Great job, Cottonwood. Next time I’m in need of a patio cocktail and some salmon deviled eggs, I’m on my way.


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