Review: The Tasting Room @ City Centre for Happy Hour

Mar 10, 2015 | Restaurant review

The Tasting Room
818 Town and Country Blvd., Ste. 100
Houston, Texas 77024

Review: The Tasting Room, City Centre, Houston, TX

We walked in about about 5:00 on a Thursday and this place was ready for their happy hour crowd. There were plenty of tables and seats at the bar top available, but it was still buzzing with patrons. This place is big. Huge bar top, private rooms, plenty of table seating, and a spacious patio that will be slammed come some good weather. It seems to have “something for everyone” in a way that isn’t trying too hard. (And check their calendar for live music — but don’t sit too close to the speaker.)

My favorite on the menu: meat on a stick! It’s generously served on four skewers  (choice of chicken, pork, ribeye, shrimp, lamb, or sausage) with a choice of  sauce. We had the pork with sweet mustard sauce. I think I remember Jessica saying she could drink it….

Of course I can’t resist trying a gluten-free pizza. All gluten-free crusts are different and this one was one I’d go back for. Crispy, thin crust and not soggy in the middle like some. We had the mushroom and tomato with truffle oil, but the tomatoes weren’t very tomatoey so we ended up asking for a tomato sauce on the side. Next time I’m trying the duck breast and Bordeaux cherries… have you ever heard of such a thing on a pizza? Yum!

Their hummus does not disappoint, but really it’s their pita bread that is irresistible. No, really. I can’t have it on the table or I will eat it. They have lots of cheeses and meats so you can mix and match your own board, along with some other pretty share-able items, which are great for happy hour.

As far as the wine goes — because let’s be real, that’s what we’re here for — do not get the happy hour carafe. I thought I remembered it was a Cabernet or a Malbec that I had had there before, but no. It’s keg, table wine. Ask your server or bartender. They know what they’re doing. They’re all very knowledgeable about the menu and wine. Trust them. Service was good. Our server was busy yet attentive, and only gave me a little “I told you so” when I bitched about my poor wine choice.

The crowd was mature and professional (except for the baby being coddled by a table of seven ladies next to us, but it didn’t cry, so I didn’t mind). This is the obvious choice for a business happy hour or 40+ online-dating meet-up. I’m only 31, and I’m going back for pizza.


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